Medical myths that are not necessarily helpful.

  1. Multivitamins/ Hematinics (blood tonics) should not be taken with antimalarial or antibiotics.

This is a dangerous assertion, especially if the patient is anaemic. Vitamins are not contraindicated while taking Artemisinin containing drugs, and sometimes, they’re absolutely necessary. Grapefruits are, however, contraindicated, and grapefruits are contraindicated while taking many other drugs, hence the need to avoid grapefruits while on medications or research properly if you have to take grape fruits. Also, kindly note that grapefruit is not grape.

  1. Using honey to dress wounds, burns, diabetic sores, etc.
    When managing a large wound, the priority is to keep the wound clean and keep infections away. The wound would naturally heal on its own. To speed up healing, especially in large wounds/burns / sores, a high protein diet can be introduced to help the body regenerate.
    While there are cases where honey is said to have helped healing, a large number of cases where wounds degenerated and became necrotic, hence requiring amputation of limbs or worse, were managed by applying honey. There is absolutely no scientific proof that honey speeds up healing, and neither is it a potent antiseptic. For large wounds, remember the goal is to keep it clean and uninfected. Use antiseptic solutions or ointments ( provodine iodine) rather than honey. The body will naturally heal itself.

Stay healthy and Stay Safe.
Dr Dosunmu Jubril Adekunle
Southern Gem Hospitals.

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