1. Apartments for elderly patients: Monthly and yearly rental of apartments for the elderly with complimentary services.

A. Nurses check-up/ Doctors check-up when required B. Personal trainers and lifestyle counsellors C. Group Excursions and shopping D. Caregiver services when required

2. Rehabilitation centre for A. Post-stroke patients B. Trauma patients C. Cancer patients D. Patients with neurodegenerative diseases E. Patients with conditions that need specialist care, physiotherapy care and out-of-hospital close medical monitoring

3. Hospice for patients with progressive medical conditions

4. Daycare services for Geriatric Patients

5. Caregiver training facility


Geriatric apartment leasing.
Geriatric daycare services.
Recovery care for Geriatric and general patients
Care for terminally ill patients
Physiotherapy services
Dementia care inpatient and outpatient
Geriatric Clinic
Cancer recovery center

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