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At JAD Geriatrics Homes we strongly believe that everyone deserves the best care available regards of age, gender, nationality, location or financial status. With over 15 years of experience in the private health care sector, we have a very good understanding of the challenges faced in the Nigerian health care sector.
Lack of readily available paramedical services is a major factor that Nigerians have to contend with, It is estimated that the lack of these services could have reduced the national life expectancy by as much as 6 years. This factor has also rendered millions of Nigerians stranded whenever the need arose. As practitioners, these concerns are a major factor in the success of the sector as a whole.
This is the main reason why the idea of Jad Geriatric homes was absolutely necessary and conceived.

Jad Geriatric homes is an all in one location for our elderly loved ones who require an active, engaging, healthy and mentally stimulating lifestyle.

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