The Myth of Insulin Usage In Newly Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetics- Saving The Cells.

We all know about type II diabetes as the one that occurs with people of the older age group. This is very common with people with risk factors such as family history, obesity, use of steroids, and other drugs.It is also very notable practice not to prescribe Insulin for such group with type II diabetes as first line medication at diagnosis. However, studies show that the introduction of an “ideal” insulin prototype solves the lack of Insulin, saves the cells and further slows progression of the disease.I would like us to explore the possibilities that abound with early insulin usage but first, let’s talk about what an ideal insulin is.An ideal insulin is that insulin that mimicks the body’s way of producing insulin and works to steadily provide insulin needed for both fasted states and post-meal states.So, it’s safe to say that if we find an insulin like this, we have solved the problem. I mean let’s say you don’t have money and then someone gives you money. What do you have now? yes! you’re correct!You now have exactly what is missing and that solves the problem of lack.Another very important thing about early commencement of insulin is that you don’t need to take medications that continually force the pancreatic cells to produce more insulin than they would normally do, as they are worn out from excess positive feedback caused by prior insulin resistance.To explain this, imagine you give 50 men the work of a 100 men. What do you think of the outcome? Oh yes! in the begining, you will get what you want but in the end, you will have worn them out. I hope this explains why stimulant drugs for type II diabetes are a waste of time. The only underrated and supposed medication for patients with this condition is Metformin which does so well with reducing the peripheral resistance seen in type II diabetes, making it possible for available insulin to do it’s work efficiently.Now, this translates to a regression of disease by protecting the cells from undue work excesses. infact, complications are kept at bay as blood glucose is well controlled and poly pharmacy is no longer indicated.For me, I think that the major challenge among others should be, reducing the cost of insulin to allow more people access the “wonder drug”. But we are faced with challenges such as poor knowledge of medical practitioners in the use of insulin, the fear of injectables by patients and the idea that they are dying soon if their condition involves daily dose of insulin to be administered themselves.Dr Agboyinu M.D.Southern Shore Hospitals

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